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April 23, 2011
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   "Just how I wanted to spend my evening; another stupid school dance. So uncool…" Soul muttered to himself as he gazed out from the left balcony of the DWMA. It had been 4 weeks since Ashura the Kishin had been defeated, and the DWMA was back to the way it had been before. Lord Death had temporarily postponed classes while the academy had undergone cleaning and repair.
   Now that everything was fixed up ("and perfectly symmetrical" as Death the Kid would put it), classes were to resume on Monday. To show his gratitude, Lord Death had planned an eventful weekend beforehand, so that the students could unwind and relax before picking up their education where they had left off.
   Friday evening there had been a large banquet in the dining hall, which all students and DWMA staff had been invited. Everyone had enjoyed themselves thoroughly, except when Excalibur showed up. At that point, even if the students hadn't finished eating, everyone had gotten up and left.
   Saturday, Lord Death and Spirit respected the idea that Black Star had brought up, and they held a basketball game in the old court. Soul, Maka, Black Star, Tsubaki, and Crona were chosen for the red team, whilst Kid, Patty, Liz, Ox, Kim, and Kilik made up the Blue team. Blue team ended up winning, since Maka and Crona still weren't too great at playing basketball, but the game had been entertaining despite, and many had come to watch.
   Now that it was Sunday, the DWMA was holding yet another dance, in which Soul would rather have not come to. Maka had been dragged off by her dad so Soul had decided to chill out on the balcony and relish in the time he didn't have to hear her yelling at him.
   "Not enjoying the dance my father set up for us?"
   Soul glanced over his shoulder to see Kid leaning against the doorway behind him. He sighed and shrugged. "Eh, just think I could be doing better things right now, like sleeping, or eating" Soul replied, turning back to gaze at the sunset.
   "There are refreshments out there, you know?" Kid replied as he approached the balcony railing.
   "Yeah, but it's nothing that'll fill me up" Soul replied, then patted his stomach.
   Kid smiled faintly and leaned onto the railing, gazing in the same direction as Soul. "I thought you were a good dancer. That's what Maka always says… If you are, why don't you enjoy it?"
   Soul thought for a moment, then shrugged again. "I dunno… just don't like to dance around a bunch of people I guess."
   "Well you know Maka is going to make you dance anyway, right?" Kid said with a light chuckle.
   "Yeah, that's why I'm hiding out here."
   "Hiding, huh?" an irritated voice snapped from behind them.
   Soul turned and smiled sheepishly at his partner. "Just joking, Maka, chill out" he replied, holding up a hand.
   Maka grumbled but her expression lightened slightly. "So are we going to dance or not? I played basketball with you guys yesterday when I didn't want to, so the least you could do is dance with me" she argued, yet it sounded like more of a plea.
   Soul sighed in frustration, but thought better than to argue back with her right now. Besides, she did look absolutely stunning in that black dress. How could he say no to her when she looked so beautiful? He cleared his throat and shrugged that thought away. 'Weird for me to be thinking of Maka like that. Yeah, she's pretty, but I don't usually think of her as 'stunning' or 'beautiful'…' he thought to himself.
   "Well? Are you going to answer me, Soul?"
   Soul glanced away from her and shrugged. "Okay, but only one dance…" he murmured.
   Maka beamed and grabbed his hand, then tugged him back inside.
   The room was packed with people. Some hung around the edges of the room, munching on snacks and talking over the loud music. Most others were dancing gracefully across the floor, the music moving their feet in long strides. Soul even spotted Professor Stein and Miss Marie absorbed in the music, Marie blushing lightly as she leaned her head on his chest.
   "You sure you want to dance to this? It's kind of slow!" Soul called over the music.
   Maka didn't respond. She only continued to lead him into the middle of the crowd, so Soul guess that her answer was a "YES".
   Once they found an empty spot, Soul quickly took the lead. One hand rested itself about her tiny waist, and the other on her shoulder. She followed his lead and did the same.
   Step. Step. Step. Twirl. Step. Step. Step. Twirl. The pattern of their dancing went on like this for quite a while. Soul soon found himself enjoying this, as much as he thought he wouldn't. He was actually having fun, and the feeling of Maka's warmth was enough to make him smile.
   "You're actually quite good at this, Maka. Here I thought you'd be stepping all over my feet" Soul teased, smirking childishly at his partner.
   Maka narrowed her eyes and pouted. "Do you enjoy getting a reaction out of me?" she asked with frustration.
   "Yeah, when your face gets all scrunched up like that, it's really cute." Soul bit his lip and his eyes widened at his own words. Why had he said that? That was such an idiotic and cheesy thing to say. Uncool.
   Maka stopped and tilted her head slightly. "Cute? You think I'm cute?" she asked. She was confused and still a little irritated, but her heartbeat had quickened when he had said that and now she couldn't seem to control it.
   "Well… er…" Soul had never been lost for words before. Not until now. "Yeah, I think you're cute… so what?" he asked, feeling his face heat up a little. He had also never really blushed before, so why was he doing it now. It was just Maka. This shouldn't be embarrassing.
   "So you pick on me because you like me? Like that?" Maka asked, then immediately thought it was stupid. 'Do I want him to like me or something? It's just Soul…' she thought, but then found herself blushing along with him.
   "Uh… what?! I… no… I don't think so… I mean… maybe…" Soul mentally slapped himself, then sighed. "Okay, yes Maka… maybe a little" he muttered. "What would it matter anyway if I did?"
   Maka stood in shock, unable to grasp what he had just said. Had he really just admitted to liking her? After all this time they had been partners? Maka knew she liked him, but it was something she had never ever admitted, not even fully to herself.
   Soul waited for a response, his heart racing, but when Maka stayed silent, he took it as rejection. He quickly let go of her and pushed his way through the crowd. That had been humiliating and stupid on his part and now he was beating himself up for even saying it.
   He made his way outside and took a deep breath. How would he even be able to face her again? Did he really like her like that? He felt so confused and his feelings were going haywire.
   Maka appeared outside of the school just moments after him and rushed over to him. "What's wrong with you? Why did you leave?" she asked as she approached him.
   "I didn't feel like making myself look even dumber that I already did" he replied without looking at her.
   "You didn't look dumb at all! What are you talking about? I'm sorry I didn't say anything but I was in shock!"
   "Shock because you were disgusted."
   "No! Shock because I feel the same way!" she blurted.
   Soul's gaze quickly fell on her. "What do you mean?"
   "…I like you too, Soul! I guess I always have, I just always thought you'd be going for women-" Maka cut herself off and glanced away blushing. "Women with larger… chests…" she muttered darkly.
   Soul stared at her for a moment, expression unreadable, then burst into laughter.
   Maka glared up at him and crossed her arms. "What?! What's so funny?!" she demanded.
   Soul didn't answer. Instead, he took her by the waist again and led her into another dance. The music was still loud enough that he could follow the beat.
   Maka's anger melted away and she allowed him to lead her, a little confused as to what this meant.
   Step. Step. Step. Twirl. Step. Step. Step. Twirl. They followed that pattern again until Soul dipped her back, then pulled her back into his arms and into a kiss.
   Maka made a small whimpering sound in shock before easing into the kiss, then wrapped her arms around him tightly. Soul returned the tight embrace and deepened the kiss.
   Both of them were sure that they wanted this now. It all felt so right. Maka felt complete in Soul's arms and Soul felt complete with her in his embrace. This is how it was supposed to be.
Okay so this is for my friend Kayla!~ Happy birthday, love!~ I know it's rushed and not very good, but I wrote it in like an hour so give me a break. I would of added more of a passionate kiss scene, but it would seem kind of awkward with Soul and Maka :/ Sorry it's just fluff kinda... Comments are encouraged <3
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